Patrick Holt

Patrick grew up in the shadow of Vancouver, Canada’s North Shore mountains, where he was never far from a mountain bike trail or a coastal inlet.  His love of the outdoors led him to a diploma in Outdoor Recreation Management at Capilano University, opening the door for three and half years working as an environmental educator in the Canadian Rockies.  In 2003 Patrick completed his Bachelor of Arts in Geography with distinction at the University of Victoria.  Following a need for new adventures Patrick and his wife, Sara, found themselves in Taiwan in the fall of 2003 teaching English in Hsinchu City Public Schools.  After three years of travel and adventure in and around Taiwan, Patrick and Sara discovered they were to be the parents of twins.  In 2006 he and Sara returned to North Vancouver where their son and daughter were born.  Somewhere in between Patrick managed to find the time to study, and in 2007 received a Bachelor of Education and a Professional Teaching Certificate from Simon Fraser University.  After two years of working as a teacher on call, teaching grade three French Immersion, and grade 7 FSL, he accepted a position at an international school in Taiwan teaching grade six Language arts and Social Studies, and later later taught grade five homeroom.  Always on the look out for a new exciting opportunity, this fall Patrick and his family have moved on to teach at an international school Doha, Qatar.

Patrick is a lifelong learner, and approaches his role as an educator from a student centered perspective.  He believes that through guided inquiry and discovery, students will gain and an appreciation for learning and will in turn become life long learners themselves.

Out of the classroom you’ll find Mr. Holt hanging out with his wife while they show their kids the wonders of the world.  In any extra minutes he may have you may catch Patrick running, playing his guitar, or riding his mountain bike ( maybe I do live in the desert).

Future adventures will include  trying to participate more in the global learning community, searching for a new rock’n roll outfit, and figuring out how to achieve tonal bliss on his guitar.


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